How to change the pricing tier of my Azure AppService by code?

Using the Free or Basic plan for your Azure AppService plan is a good way to start and discover what Azure will be able to do for you. But when you go in production, you might want to use a different pricing tier, just to be able to use some interesting features available in Azure… Continue reading

Set a colon in an environment variable for Kubernetes

Working a lot with .NET Core, using colon (‘:’) in appsettings is quite common. This allow a better separation of variables and, in the end, a better visibility. Today, I’ve encountered an issue when trying to deploy my ASP.NET Core application on Kubernetes cluster: Ok, that’s gonna be funny 🙂 As I didn’t wanted to… Continue reading

Why my Azure Media Services assets are not displayed?

Currently working on a side project that use Azure Media Services, I encountered an issue where the assets created by code where not displayed in Azure Portal: At first, I thought there was a problem in my code where I didn’t set the name for example: But whatever I changed on my code, nothing on… Continue reading

Using Azure Blob Storage to host static files

When it comes to host files, a lot of developers start to think about App Services of even on-premises servers. If this is a good way, it might be a bit “overkill” when you just have some static files that you want to share. So what can we do instead? Well, one possibility is to… Continue reading

Create your own Google Home / Alexa with Cognitive Services Speech SDK and LUIS

Google Home or Alexa are very useful personal assistants that listen to your voice to execute the command you ask. Basically, it’s just composed by a microphone, speech/text recognition and some logic to understand the intents the user want to do. So, in fact, using Cognitive Services Speech SDK and LUIS (Language Understanding Service), we… Continue reading