Currently working on a side project that use Azure Media Services, I encountered an issue where the assets created by code where not displayed in Azure Portal:

At first, I thought there was a problem in my code where I didn’t set the name for example:

private static async Task<string> CreateOutpoutAssetAsync(
IAzureMediaServicesClient mediaServicesClient,
string resourceGroupName,
string accountName,
CancellationToken cancellationToken)
    var name = $"output-{Guid.NewGuid():N}";

        await mediaServicesClient.Assets.CreateOrUpdateAsync(
                    new Asset(),
    catch (Exception e)

    return name;

But whatever I changed on my code, nothing on the Azure Portal…
After doing some researches on Internet, I found the following issue where the problem is detailed and well explained:

The explanation is simple:

Media Services does not yet support v3 Preview in the Azure portal. Use APIs to manage v3 resources.

So, actually, this is not a bug in my code or in the Azure Portal, it’s just a temporary phase until the Azure Portal is migrated to be able to work with the version 3 of the Azure Media Services APIs.

Happy coding !

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